Where's Jack?

It has been reported that a man resembling the Whitechapel murderer has been spotted in a popular local tavern, loitering in a shadowy corner with a tankard in hand. If you happen to have dropped in to sample the local brew, think carefully – did you see anything or suspect anyone?

Unconfirmed Sightings

Be on your guard if you live near these areas.

Pronounced "Safe" by Police...

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Where's Jack?

Police have released this (erm) reconstruction.

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How Jack are You?

Newspaper Boy

Psychological profiling. It's just science.

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Don't miss the Daily News' in-depth (and rather improbably digital) Special Edition.

This 5 page (fully black AND white) paper covers all of the Jack news so far, as well as providing valuable tips and survival strategies.

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Guy Fawkes

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